About Lama Khemsar Rinpoche, continued (2)

Lama Khemsar RinpocheIn addition to various solitary retreats, in 1987 Khemsar Rinpoche also completed the traditional Three Year Retreat, under the guidance of Lama Tenpa Gyatsho, his immediate predecessor who later died in Bhutan in 1998. Lama Tenpa Gyatsho was the 16th Lama Tri-pa (Throne Holder) of the Pungmo Gön Monastery, who’s Yang-sid Trul-ku Norbu-la is born and lives in Hong Kong.

In the earlier days of the 1960s, Lama P. T. Khemsar Rinpoche also studied Buddhism under several Buddhist Lamas including Gheshe Lobsang Tharchin, Professor Samdhong Trulku Rinpoche and Jamchen Rinpoche, etc. He had also received teachings, in different times, from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama including a five day teaching on Lo-jong (Mind Training) in Scotland. Similar teachings given by H.H. The Dalai Lama in U.K. were also organised by Dharma Network of which TYBSC was a member.

Lama Khemsar Rinpoche explored many other faiths too, including Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In doing so, he discovered that the lessons taught and the wisdom insights gained therein are in essence similar and compatible. However, in these faiths he found that the view-based progressive spiritual path (Ta-drub) that leads one to complete enlightenment seemed lacking. He remarked that when it comes to the Ta-Gom-chod-dre (views, meditations, characteristics, and result) of Yungdrung Bön Buddhism and the Buddhist Tradition, the above mentioned spiritual traditions do have a vast gap to be filled.

He thus extends a warm welcome to all to attend his teachings in abridging and enhancing wider views, regardless of faith, creed, or gender, etc., and stresses that as common themes tend to run through all the spiritual paths, it is possible to use his teachings to complement and abridge wider views thus enhancing the teachings of other paths and vice versa.

Broadly speaking, in the Yungdrung Bön system, there are two approaches in taking spiritual path; She-dra (Dialectic school) and Drub-dra/Gom-dra (Meditation school). The Lama has introduced Drub-dra school as the main focus where by practicing Ngondro (Foundation) and Ngo-zhi (Principal) teachings one has to reach the final goal of Enlightenment. As per Drub-dra curriculum, it is a must in all his centres in U.K, Europe, America and Asia that everyone without exception has to practice and meditate.

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