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Kusoom Ling Drubdra International will not hold the Yearly Yartsham (residential Summer retreat) This August 2021 due to continuing international COVID situation.
"Rinpoche writes: Summer Retreat 2021:
The Yearly Yartsham has to be postponed due to the global pandemic. Rinpoche hopes that the Yartsham could be resumed when the situation is conducive, especially on the basis of the governments rules and regulations."

However, the ongoing Zoom based events continue including the Three Year Dzogchen Course for International Drubdhe, as an alternative to Yartsham. As such, Each Drubdra Member is strongly advised to attend the Three Year Dzogchen Course, in Addition to the Weekly and Monthly Drubdra curriculum based Nyamlen events on Zoom, as well as your own daily nyamlen practice and retreats at home!

For further information, please contact Drubdhe Umzey Rob Tsewang Norbu:

TYBSC announces continuing Zoom Nyamlen and Teachings for KUSOOM LING INTERNATIONAL DRUBDRA

"Now through Zoom, TYBSC’s spiritual director Khyimsar Lama Rinpoche is continuing to give regular Men-Ngak during weekly and monthly nyamlen sessions, along with the ongoing Dzogchen three year course. Rinpoche is also providing the continuing regular One to One opportunity via Zoom for students and public (contact Umzey Penny Lee to be added to list: . Note that TYBSC provides the public nyamlen (every wednesday and 1st sunday of month) FREE as a courtesy.

The events and teachings will be continuously announced on email, so please ensure we have your up to date email address.
For further information, please contact Drubdhe Umzey Rob Tsewang Norbu:

Note: FREE Zoom Nyamlen on Wednesday evenings 730 to 10pm London time,
and Zoom One Day Jinpa Namzhi nyamlen every first sunday of the month 930am London Organiser for info, and note, new codes are released for each Zoom..

Archive: Notable Events from 2019

His Holiness 34th Menri Trizin Lungtok Dawa Dhargye
visited TYBSC UK in May 2019

His Holiness bestowed SHERAB MAWAI SENG-GHE (Wisdom Deity) Empowerment

His Holiness 34th Menri Trizin

"The News letter said: Dear all, Om Matri Muye Sale Dhu!
This is to inform each of you that in 2019, from Wednesday 22nd till Monday 27th of May, His Holiness the 34th, Menri Trizin Lungtok Dawa Dhargye Rinpoche visited the TYBSC in London.

His Holiness and three of his attendants toured Yungdrung Bon centres based in Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico. Whilst at the Tibetan Yungdrung Bon Study Centre, U.K, His Holiness bestowing SHERAB MAWAI SENGHE (Wisdom Deity) Empowerment. This particular empowerment was purposefully requested by TYBSC’s spiritual director Khyimsar Lama Rinpoche."

Recently: Ponlop Trinley Nyima Rinpoche visited in April

Ponlop Menri

Ponlob Trinley Nyima Rinpoche of Menri Monastery came on 9th of April 2019

TYBSC’s Spiritual Director Khyimsar Lama Rinpoche suggested to the Ponlob to give a Dzogchen teaching (Aa-Trid Dzogchen).
The non-residential teaching ran for 5 days. .

News and Appeal: The Gonpa and The Residence

This is also to update you on the BONPO GONPA known as “Kusoom Lhundrub Ling” at New Barnet which was formally acquired on 4th, March 2013 by TYBSC under the direction of Khyimsar Lama Rinpoche. It is now called Gonpa since the installation of the Buddha statue, from Lhakhang as initially named. Although the Gonpa did not grown in size on a conventional level but on a spiritual level it has grown boundlessly since the successful installation of the statue of the JOWO TONPA SHENRAB, in the best possible authentic method & wisdom way including its RAB-NEY-consecration, based on Yungdrung Bon Buddhism of Zhang Zhung and Tibet. Thus the Gonpa forms the complete spiritual essence of Zhang Zhung and Tibet—a little TIBET at your door step!!! Therefore, we have created a most profound Holy-Pilgrimage site at your door step and Khyimsar Lama Rinpoche strongly suggests that every human being should take advantage of this, regardless of one’s believed faith, to come for pilgrimage. Pilgrimage or NEY-KOR’s concept is to purify one’s kar-mic sins which have been accumulated during one’s many past life times, in one’s present life and one’s future lives, through various negative actions such as killing, stealing, sexual misconducts, lying, causing frictions, idle gossips, negative intentions, evil thoughts, repudiation of enlightened teachings etc.

One can make sincere CONFESSIONS in front of the Buddha Tonpa Shenrab who is lively there in the GONPA with HIS indiscriminate Love and Compassion. The London Jowo Tonpa Shenrab, as Rinpoche also calls the statue, is ever ready to FORGIVE you if you sincerely confess all your kar-mic sins and PROMISE not to repeat such actions again from now on and the possibility of being forgiven is in the horizon of BUDDHA TONPA SHENRAB!!! There will be no cost at all to come for the PILGRIMAGE. Traditionally, one can make offerings or bring organic butter which will be offered in front of your London Jowo as shown here in your and your family’s name (both living and dead). It’so simple to do yet has GREAT BENEFIT!

Such an authenticity is lacking in almost everyone’s life. Khyimsar Lama Rinpoche intentionally created the Gonpa and the statue keeping in mind that people have nothing other than bubble-like lives and are lacking such an opportunity! Nobody should die without purifying one’s karmic sins here and NOW! Students in UK, Europe and USA should encourage anyone to come and organise such NEY-KORS, which is again an act of compassion.

In the 2013 News update, we have mentioned that the NEWLY ACQUIRED Lhakhang/Gonpa is a stepping stone for a retreat centre. As it’s fifth year is approaching, TYBSC under its directorship of Khyimsar Lama Rinpoche, looked and searched various lands & properties and were able to find a number of suitable retreat centres in the Lake District and Wiltshire areas, etc. However, due to lack of funds, we could not proceed further.

With love and best wishes, From Rinpoche and the trustees of the TYBSC

News from 2018
To all dear Drubdra-was, well wishers and friends of Yungdrung Bon, Om Matri Muye Sale Dhu!
This is to let each of you know that the 34th Menri Trizin, the Supreme Head of Bonpo World has been spiritually confirmed as elected today, Monday the 1st day of the New Year 2018.
His name is Lungtok Dawa Dargye Rinpoche!
Just so that you know, the long process is not like election by humans but is spiritually chosen by “Kyab-ney Yul-chhok Ney-zhi, (The Four Sublime Refuge Objects) particularly by Bon-kyong Soong-ma, the Yungdrung Bon’s protectors, including Ma-Chhok Sid-pa Gyalmo, Mi-Dhud Jam-pa Trak-gho and Drak-tsen, Or Ma Dhud Tsen soom!
With love and best wishes KHYIMSAR LAMA RINPOCHE

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