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Ku-Soom LingWhilst teaching Yungdrung Bön in India, Rinpoche was constantly approached by westerners keen to learn more about the tradition and to benefit from its teachings. As a result, in 1993, he accepted an invitation to go to Europe to teach. In March of that year he founded the first ever Tibetan Yungdrung Bön Study Centre – TYBSC (UK) – and subsequently on 2nd March 1994, which coincided with the first day of the Tibetan New Year, the Centre then gained recognition as a Scottish charity.

The aim of TYBSC (UK) is to preserve this ancient spiritual tradition and cultural heritage of Tibet and the Tibetan people, which is in grave danger of diminishing, and to make its profound teachings available to the general public. Although many thousands of years old, the teachings are particularly relevant in these times since the ancient wisdom they contain teaches us unconditional love and compassion — qualities which are essential in a world so often full of conflict and materialism. Such teachings also provide us with a tool kit with which we can transform even the most negative of experiences into something positive.

In order to make the teachings as widely available as possible, TYBSC (UK) arranges regular teachings, practice retreats and other events. These are open to all, regardless of faith, creed, gender, and experience. Rinpoche firmly believes that as common themes run through all spiritual paths, it is possible to use his teachings to complement other paths, and vice versa.

TYBSC (UK) also hopes to set up a translation project and library of Bönpo texts, within a central base, in an effort to provide an environment where spiritual practitioners and academic students may have access to Bönpo texts and visiting Lamas. Texts have been recently purchased from Tibet, although there are very few Bönpo texts translated into English at present.


"It will be a great Karmic act to help, support and donate funds towards such a virtuous cause which brings the profound wisdom of Shambala and Tibet into this part of the world. This will benefit countless beings here and elsewhere now and in the long run!"

If you can donate, please put a reference on the payment of "Retreat Centre Expenses". If you are donating/paying by cheque, please make your cheque payable to "TYBSC". Please always e-mail us if you are donating or setting up standing order, posting a cheque, or making an online contribution etc.

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