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Invitation to Join Our Weekly Public and Drub-dhe Meditation
Dzogchen Ngondro and Ngo-zhi

“Human Life, no matter how successful, rich, famous and powerful one may think of, is completely incomplete without taking spiritual path! As all of these are just like soap bubbles, subject to constant bursting. When the death comes which is ever unavoidable, one's consciousness doesn't die with the mortal body but it continues in Bardo.

“To prepare for this crucial moment, one must practice here and now without any delay, by taking and following a proper spiritual path accordingly. Even if one couldn't attain enlightenment at this stage, at least in ones next rebirth one will not fall into the lower realms and one will have another opportunity to continue on the path and eventually attaining enlightenment for oneself and for the benefit of all sentient beings! Taking spiritual path will also determine the conditions of ones next rebirth.

”The Human birth you have now is very precious and rare in this that each one could attain Buddhahood in this body and life!

”Meet a Lama/Spiritual Master now, receive empowerment, transmission and instructions and engage in the process!

”My love and prayers to you, your family, and friends!“ — Lama Khemsar Rinpoche

Dear students,

The meditation is CURRENTLY (2023) still being carried out only on ZOOM, and is open to general public. Rinpoche will go through each of the Dzogchen Ngondros (nine foundation teachings), and the every first sunday of the month is generally allocated for the Jinpa Namzhi (Four Generosities) with focus on Lamei Neljor or Yig-Gya, instead if he is there he will give Men-ngak on various levels (a 'Men-ngak day').
The Dzogchen Ngondro foundation practices employ a combination of mantra, visualization and meditation. Whilst these are generally associated with Yungdrung Bön or The Eternal Light Teaching  (The Ancient Native Buddhism of Tibet) and Buddhism, their essence has Universal Application and can be adapted and utilized by anyone — regardless of the faith or belief system one ascribes to.

These sessions are FREE of charge; however, if you wish to make donations, they are always most welcome and are used to help with the charities fund raising . You can dedicate offerings at the Gompa such as flowers, incense, candles, food, etc for the benefit of yourself, your family / friends, etc. — this being a positive karmic act.



For the London Drub-dhe:

Weekly Public meditations are every WEDNESDAY ONLY ON ZOOM from 7:30 pm to about 9:30 pm, and SUNDAYS from 11:00 am to about 12:30am - apart from the first Sunday of every month when from 930am-430pm we run a whole day meditation..

Email: enquiry about Meditations

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